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Towels and Lockers


If you wish to use the Hot Tub, don't forget to bring your towels with you. You can also hire a towel for the night at the cost of £5 (to cover the cost of laundering etc).


Don't forget there is a £10 deposit on the lockers. Your deposit will be returned once you hand the key in at the end of the evening.


Please contact a member of staff to return the key.


Gentlemen Please Read


On a Friday and Saturday evening we require you to book in, in advance of attendance as we limit the number of single gents to these events.


If you fail to book ahead, you will be turned away at the door.

Dress Code for all Gentlemen, single or in couples...

We welcome smartly dressed or party themed gents.

No trainers, work wear or ripped/tatty jeans.

Collared shirts are preferred and good personal hygiene essential.

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Our very large luxurious hot tub has been made for relaxation only ...


We have provided two large round beds each end to get out and play on should the mood take you.


There is NO SEXUAL PLAY AT ALL IN THE HOT TUB, Please respect this and the people who are coming along to use it who dont want to sit in your naughties.


There are plenty of other places around the club for sexual activites....


No shoes are allowed in the hot tub area.


Please dont forget to bring your own towels.


We do hire towels out at £5 each should you forget.


After reading through all these rules please come along and enjoy the full experience of  relaxing in a huge mood lit room that will knock your sox off....


Then either step into the Sauna just round the corner, or go off to dance, chat or have some sexy fun......


If you enjoy your experience here please remember that the best way of thanking us is to leave a review on one of the swinging sites.  We love to get up on Sunday morning reading about the great times you have had here, and other people like to read it too xxx

Click this tab to check out our Friday line up

Please book in via email or fab swingers, twitter ...

p.s. we do allow single guys along on a Saturday Night ...

Due to the data protection act, I am starting emails again, if anyone would like to receive party updates by email please ask to be added to the list on... upandcomingevents@jay-dees.co.uk.  This to to ensure that im not emailing any one who hasnt requested email.

If your enjoyed your night or day at Jaydees the best way of saying thank you to us is by leaving a review on one of the swinging sites for other people to see. xxx

Jaydees Events ...

Do you have a Jaydees Members Card ?...


If you dont have one its best to make sure you do as we are now asking for your cards to be shown at the desk each time you come along.


We are a Private Members Club.


If you dont have one then check our membership page for how to purchase one.  £10 Life Time


No card then please add your name to the newbie list even if you have been before.  You will be given a temporary Newbie number for the night, which lets us know that we have id for everyone in the building


Card Holders please come along as usual, other than booking in for New Years Eve which is members only....


No Card.. No Entrance...


If your on the newbie list then you have entrance...

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