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We offer a risqué atmosphere where our guests can meet, mingle and party the night away. You will share the uninitiated enjoyment associated with those who have discovered a new dimension to their lifestyle. We are a safe, no-pressure environment where you can feel free to express yourself or just sit back and take it all in. Your hosts will make every effort to ensure your comfort, to address all your questions and concerns, and to make your visit a memorable one!!


JayDees is very diverse, and we mix and mingle well. Our environment is light-but-wild, sexy, and inviting to all, especially women and new comers. We create an atmosphere where lifestylers are comfortable and can drink, dance, be entertained, and meet hot like-minded people. Everyone who attends our events are inviting, approachable and open to meeting new people. We are a no pressure environment. No harassment is tolerated at any of our functions. No means No.


The standards of dress follow a common sense approach, with all members expected to be casually but smartly dressed. Ladies are welcome to "dress to impress". We'll clarify that a little by saying that we expect gentlemen to be as smart as possible (trousers, smart shoes, and a shirt is fine) and ladies should dress as sexily as they feel comfortable with. Many members also find that dressing erotically in a variety of leather, lace, enhances the enjoyment of their night & lingerie this is also acceptable.


The Rules


The rules are here to make our event a safe, secure and a fun place to be, allowing you to relax and enjoy the company of all our guests, staff and helpers. Come knowing your are in safe hands, so to speak.


Once our Membership Policy becomes live, membership will then be compulsary.


The Party Venue does NOT have an open door policy; please book in for attendance and availability.


We ask new members to bring Photo ID and confirmation of their address with them on their first visit to complete our confidential membership database.


Jaydees Membership Policy


We ask each applicant to prove their ID on their first visit to obtain membership. Accepted ID must be by a clear face picture, such as Drivers Licence or Passport. A further separate piece of ID such as a utility bill to prove your address may be required.


We hope to make you feel comfortable in trusting us with your personal information and want to reassure you that we never share your details to any other party outside the law. Your details are collected for the safety and security of all members and are encrypted and held behind a firewall on a pass-coded computer at all times.

Bona Fide Tourists/visitors to the UK wanting to visit Jaydees can do by invite, please call us for details, you will need to provide your native passport to gain entry.


The Owners/Operators and Management, or Event Operator on the night, reserve the right to refuse entrance to the Party Venue without explanation.  


No Persons under the age of 21 are allowed in to the Venue under any circumstances. Any persons using these premises do so solely at their own risk. Jaydees their organisers and volunteer helpers will not be held responsible for any injury or loss caused whilst using these premises.


Alcoholic and Non Alcoholic Drinks


Our policy on Alcohol is that you are welcome to bring your own, but do not encourage drinking alcohol in excess at any of our events. We ask you to deposit your drinks with the bar staff that will allocate you a numbered pigeon hole, and then serve it back to you at your request.


Having respect for the drivers and non-drinkers, we welcome you to bring your own soft drinks, these too can be handed over to the bar staff to be served back at your convenience.


Please refer to our Drinks Policy for further information.




Jaydees enforces a strictly drug free environment.

Please do NOT bring/or use drugs of ANY kind on the premises.

Do not share others prescribed drugs

You WILL be immediately evicted if you are found in possession of drugs.

The management will contact the police if you are found to have drugs on your person.

Please see our Drugs Policy and Complaints Procedure within the premises.




There is a No Smoking and No eCigarettes policy within our premises, we have an outside designated smoking area if you need to smoke.




The Owners and Management or Event Operator on the night reserve the right to request that your bags may be searched on entry to and exit from the Party Venue.


If you are reported to a member of staff during the evening that you are in possession of drugs, Jaydees has the right to search you for contraband. A refusal will result in you being asked to leave the premises.

Further investigation may lead you to be banned for life; the decision is final and non-negotiable.


Adult Choice


All persons attending Jaydees do so freely by choice and are therefore free to express themselves without inhibitions.


There are no paid persons or entertainers at Jaydees.


Paying an entrance fee or for Membership, simply implies that you wish to be in the company of likeminded adults.




Any persons found offering sexual services for reward will be immediately removed


Please report any offenders to staff.


Dress Code


Females – Sexily clad women always look great here in Jaydees, but with our no pressure attitude, you are welcome to dress as you choose. You will not be judged!


Males –Neat and Tidy, dress to impress.




Standard Adult Etiquette and Rules Apply.


If an invite doesn’t come your way, remember just to ask first!


NO means NO!




NO pressure - NO pestering…. NO exceptions!




Jaydees has in place Strict Policy on Guests please in all cases contact us prior to arriving with guests.

MEMBERS may on Pre Approval bring a female or male or couple standard guest entry applies

Males £31.00 - Females FREE - Couples £21.00 - Prices will vary in accordance to the event of the evening, a clear indication of the price is given on the what's on event pages.


All guests must be known to the members who are introducing them; No one will be admitted to the Party Venue without pre-registration of their details this includes unregistered guests or friends.


Members may only bring a guest once you have attended yourself on a regular basis and are known to staff.


We apply this rule to ALL NEW MEMBERS, and apply NEW variations at times to existing members.


The responsibility of the behaviour of the guest rests with the Member who brings them.


Approval for further FULL Membership for Single Males is not automatic.


Couples and Single Females guests get Auto Membership


Single females can bring a male guest and attend as a couple in a rout to reduce the entrance fee for a male. For an example Saturdays as a couple they pay £20.00 regular fee for a single guy he would pay £30.00. However we would expect you to stay as a couple and definitely will need to leave together as a couple. The male may be able to stay as a lone male, but will be subject to the extra £10 single man’s fee. This would be subject to having spaces for a single male and at the discretion of the management.


If you join as a couple the female gets auto single female membership, therefore attending as a single female is optional, the male partner cannot attend the club on his own without a single male surcharge, entry only granted at operator’s discretion on the night, you must have pre- granted permissions to attend as a single guy.


Members may re-apply to change their membership status


Promoting and Touting


We understand and accept that this lifestyle results in visiting other lifestyle clubs and venues, we would be grateful if when promoting and touting for other clubs you respect the members of Jaydees and offer us the same courtesy when visiting other premises. Remember we work hard to make this club as friendly and welcoming as possible, and consider it one of the best in the UK. We are not threatened by you visiting other clubs, please enjoy them and look forward to your return.




The party organisers ask all attendees to please show the utmost respect for the venue and all persons present.


Aggressive behaviour will NOT be tolerated and will result in the perpetrator(s) being asked to leave the venue immediately.


Our aim is to nurture and encourage a friendly and polite environment where everyone enjoys each other’s company and is at ease and relaxed being here.


If you have any concerns during your visit please talk to us, do not leave disgruntled, we may be able to answer your concerns swiftly and always with the utmost discretion.


If you are asked to leave, please leave quietly with pride and without hindrance. In doing so you may be welcomed back on another night.


If you fail to do this your membership will be suspended and may be terminated.


Personal Hygiene


We supply sprays, wipes, gels, towelling and hygienic coverings, we have done our part, please do yours!


Dress well, smell good and taste better… Your personal hygiene is paramount in having a successful night and meeting good company.


We have provided hygienic play areas and rooms set aside that we attempt to keep clean and refreshed throughout your visit, However it is your responsibility to do your share.


Please use the bins provided throughout the venue for tissues or wipes. Please do not leave used tissues condoms etc. on the play surfaces or throw them on the floor, there are Bins in every Room.


Do not hesitate to speak to a member of staff if you find a room or area unacceptable, we will do our upmost to sort the issues out there and then.


The Hot Tub


Please always shower before using the hot tub.


Do not overcrowd the hot tub, make sure the water level does not exceed the higher level. If the water does splash over the rim, make sure this is cleaned up or a member of staff is immediately alerted to the fact, for them to clear up.


NO SEXUAL ACTIVITY in the hot tub it is unhygienic to you and other users.


Do not leave foreign objects in the water, the pumps can get blocked and cause damage to the hot tub.


Be considerate and share the hot tub with other guests, do not hog it.


If you wish to take drinks to the hot tub please make sure that these are in plastic containers, NO Glass is to be taken to the hot tub.


If you wish to use these facilities we recommend you bring your own towel, we do not supply towels.




Please always shower before using the sauna.


Do not overcrowd the sauna, use the sauna with care as it remains very hot at all times.


NO SEXUAL ACTIVITY in the sauna it is unhygienic to you and other users.


Please remove any foreign objects from the sauna to allow others to enjoy this facility.


Be considerate and share the sauna with other guests, do not hog it.


If you wish to take drinks to the sauna please make sure that these are in plastic containers, NO Glass is to be taken to the sauna.


Remember alcohol should not be consumed in the sauna.


If you wish to use these facilities we recommend you bring your own towel, we do not supply towels.




We have provided hygienic play areas and rooms set aside that we attempt to keep clean and refreshed throughout your visit, However it is your responsibility to do your share.


Please use the bins provided throughout the venue for tissues or wipes. Please do not leave used tissues condoms etc. on the play surfaces or throw them on the floor, there are Bins in every Room.


Do not hesitate to speak to a member of staff if you find a room or area unacceptable, we will do our upmost to sort the issues out there and then.


We have 8 rooms that are there for the comfort and privacy of our guests to use during the evening, however these rooms are also available to book for overnight stays for those that travel afar, or just wish to stay over.


Our policy is that these rooms are NOT available to those overnight guests until 3am on a Saturday/Sunday morning, times will change during different events, guests will be advised at the time of the booking.


A small charge is payable to help offset the cost of keeping these rooms in a clean and serviceable condition, this will be due once a booking is made. Bookings are taken on a first come first served basis.


Please note once booked this cost is NON refundable as we would have turned other prospective guests away once the rooms are full.


We will allow you to sell the room on through the management only, if you cannot stay it is up to you to find a replacement for the room, in such cases we will refund your contribution once your replacement has paid. The management have the final say on this and it is non-negotiable.


If the room is unsuitable to sleep in that evening, the management reserve the right to offer a refund or if available an alternative room, no other compensation will be offered. The management decision will be final.




Only one person at a time is permitted to use a toilet cubicle.


Men are NOT allowed to use the ladies toilets. This is strictly enforced.


Any persons/couples/groups found abusing these rules will be asked to leave immediately.

Unwelcomed Behaviour:


We will not tolerate disruptive behaviour of any description within the confines of the Venue or grounds. Including persons causing any form of disruption to other Patrons: THEREFORE : Absolutely No Arguing or Bickering, Loud Obnoxious Behaviour, Fighting or any forms of Threatening Aggression will be accepted.


If your choice is to remain Disruptive, we will ask you to leave the Venue immediately.


Venue Numbers


We reserve the right to restrict the numbers on any night at the discretion of the operators on the night.


Single males are required to BOOK on "Saturday Evenings" and may be restricted in numbers from time to time on.

Couples and single ladies are free to attend without pre-booking, however to enable us to allow the right amount of single men to attend it would be appreciated if you email, text or call in your attendance.


Mobile Phones/Cameras/Recording Devices


The use of Mobile Phones/Cameras and/or any form of recording device within the venue is strictly PROHIBITED!

Currently you are allowed to carry your phones on your person, we hope you understand and respect your fellow members’ privacy and wishes, if this becomes an issue we reserve the right to ask you to leave your mobile phone in your LOCKER or your car.


As consenting adults we do not want to pass rules on carrying phones, however, cameras and recording devices are not to be used within our premises without permission from the management or event organisers.


Don't even think about bringing a recorder or digital camera into the venue for clandestine photography or recording. You do not have the owners/management or event organisers permission. Not only will you be prosecuted under the Privacy Act by the persons you photograph or record, you will also be prosecuted by Jaydees.


We on occasion invite known photographers in to the venue, this will be posted in advance and photographs are NEVER taken in public areas and are restricted to a set up photo shoot area.


Final Warning!








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